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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], March 1 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National General Secretary CT Ravi on Monday hit out at Rahul Gandhi calling him a "runaway MP" a day after Congress leader's "formidable enemy" jibe against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ravi in a letter to the Wayanad MP said: "You have termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a 'formidable enemy', and have said that "we have defeated much enemy bigger than this". Let me tell you something using simple words. PM Narendra Modi or the BJP have never treated you as an enemy. You are nothing more than our political opponent and I sincerely hope you understand this plain truth. Our "formidable enemy" is anyone working against the interests of Bharata Mata. We treat Her enemies, be it internal or external as "formidable enemy".

"Your family has not been able to come to terms with the fact that a humble Chaiwala has become the Prime Minister of India. Aren't you the "formidable enemy" for trying to belittle the success of the Common Man? Aren't you the "formidable enemy" for suppressing the aspirations of the Nation's Poor?" he further asked.

Terming Rahul Gandhi as a "Runaway MP" Ravi wrote in his letter said, "Hope you are in good health and best of your spirits. I am sure you must be enjoying your 'election holidays' in the states going to polls in the coming months. How did you feel when former Puducherry CM Narayanaswamy openly lied to you about what an elderly woman said to you? Did you find that you have many competitors within Congress who can lie better than you?"Putting forth ceratin questions to the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Ravi asked, "Now, let me ask you something Rahul Baba. What bigger enemy than PM Modi have you defeated in the past?Attacking Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Ravi in his letter asked, "For personal glory, your great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru created the Kashmir mess by bringing in Article 370. Thousands of our soldiers were martyred and lakhs of our Kashmiri Pandits suffered due to his Sin. Did he defeat the "bigger enemy", his personal ego?""By failing to see through the cunning moves of China, Nehru created the Himalayan Blunder by surrendering our land in 1962. Did he defeat the "bigger enemy", his blind faith in Chinese? To remain in power, your grandmother Indira Gandhi destroyed the Constitution by imposing emergency in 1975. Did she defeat the "bigger enemy", her lust for power?" read Ravi's letter.

He further asked, "In order split Sikh votes and weaken the Akali Dal, your grandma Indirapropped up Bhindranwale. This ill-conceived move not only created a nightmare called Khalistan, but also resulted in her own assassination. Did Indira defeat the "bigger enemy", her political weakness?""The actions of your father Rajiv Gandhi resulted in the Sikh Genocide of 1984 in Delhi. Did he defeat the "bigger enemy", his personal revenge?" asked Ravi alleging that Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for Sikh Genocide in the country.

In another question, Ravi in his ltter asked, "The political hara-kiri committed by your father Rajiv Gandhi resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka and IndianSoldiers. Did he defeat the "bigger enemy", his false prestige?"Terming Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as "puppet prime minister, Ravi further stated, "By installing a puppet Prime Minister, your mother Sonia Gandhi plundered India for ten years. Did she defeat the "bigger enemy", her sinister plans to destroy India?"Ravi in his letter stated that Gandhi failed to prove his worth as the member of parliament from Uttar Pradesh's Amethi and furthr alleged that he was elected as a member of parliament from Kerala's Wayanad due to polarisation of votes.

"You failed to prove your worth as a MP of Amethi. You ran away to Wayanad and won due to communal polarisation of votes. Did you defeat the "bigger enemy", your foolish desire to become the Prime Minister of India?" Ravi said in his letter.

Ravi also accussed Rahul Gandhi and his family of murdering democracy.

"From Nehru to you, your family murdered democracy by indulging in Dynasty Politics. Did your family defeat the "bigger enemy", the desire to rule at all costs?"He further asked, "Did you say that PM Modi is a "formidable enemy"? Let me explain to you what is the real meaning of formidable enemy and who is the real enemy of India.

Ravi went on to allege that though Rahul Gandhi and his family have the surname of Mahatma Gandhi, but they failed to live upto the Gandhian values."Your family borrowed Mahatma's surname. But your family's actions never lived upto the Gandhian values. Isn't your family the "formidable enemy" for bringing disrepute to the Mahatma and his principles?" he asked in his letter.

"By creating and nurturing the Frankenstein monster called Corruption, your family destroyed the development of the Nation for seven decades. Isn't your family the "formidable enemy" of India's growth and its progress?" read Ravi' letter.

Ravi also alleged that in the name of "Garibi Hatao", Rahul Gandhi and his family captured power for decades by playing with the emotions of the poor and asked, "Isn't your family the"formidable enemy" of Indians for abusing their trust?""Your family ruled India for almost five decades. How many toilets did your Governments build for the Poor? How many toilets did PM Modi Government build for them? Isn't your family the "formidable enemy" of India's poor for depriving them of basic necessity called toilet?" he further asked.

Ravi also alleged that governmnts run by Rahul Gandhi's family deprived healthcare facilities to the Indian citizens.

"What stopped your family run Governments from providing universal healthcare to our Citizens? Did the Nation have to wait for 72 years after Independence and PM Modi to introduce Ayushman Bharat scheme? Isn't your family the "formidable enemy" of the masses for failing to give them proper healthcare facilities and insurance?" Ravi asked in his letter.

His letter further asked, "How many Jan Dhan accounts did your family Governments opencompared to PM Modi Government? How many gas cylinders did your family give to poor households compared to PM Modi? Who is the "formidable enemy" here, your family that deprived basic facilities to the people for decades or PM Modi who provided them in six years?"Ravi went on to allege that Rahul Gandhi's "family government" worked againstthe interest, culture and traditions of Tamil Nadu by ensuring a ban on the state's traditional sport 'Jallikattu'.

"Your family Government ensured the traditional Jalli Kattu being banned in Tamil Nadu. But PM Modi made sure Tamil Makkal could celebrate their traditions by bringing in an ordinance supporting the Jalli Kattu. Isn't your family the "formidable enemy" of Tamil Nadu for working against the interest, culture and traditions of the State?" Ravi questioned in his letter.

Ravi also stated in his letter to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that despite vicious camaigns run by the opposition to malign the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he is relentlessly working to build a New India with the mantra "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas".

Ravi's letter further read, "Dear Rahul Baba, today the entire World is praising PM Modi for hisspectacular achievements since 2014. Despite all the vicious campaigns unleashed against Him, PM Modi is relentlessly working to build a New India with the mantra "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas".

"Remember that jealousy results in the self-destruction of the self, and not theother person. Before I end, let me ask you this. Who are you? What are your achievementsso far? Answer these questions honestly, and you will realize who is the"formidable enemy" of Indians," Ravi said in his closing reamrks in his letter to the Congress leader.

The letter comes a day after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing a gathering in Tamil Nadu's Tirunelveli during his visit to the state to campaign for the April 6 assembly polls, said, "Yes we are fighting a formidable enemy (Modi). We are fighting an enemy that is dominating the money in this country. We are fighting an enemy that is crushing its opponents. But we have done this before. We have defeated a much bigger enemy (British) than this new enemy that has come." (ANI)

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